If you’re trying to lose weight and seem to have bumped up against a plateau, there are ways to increase the calories you burn in every work out resulting in quicker weight loss. Prevention magazine’s April 2010 issue has a great article on ways to improve weight loss. A lot of it entails powering up your circuit training routine in between each individual machine or strength exercise to burn more calories and get faster weight loss results. It’s just a matter of knowing a few tips.

Talk Less, Move More

Sounds like something your 3rd grade teacher would tell you, but it’s tempting to talk to others working out when you’re doing your circuit, especially if you’re with a friend or 2. However, if you can easily hold a conversation you’re probably not working hard enough. You should need to stop and take a couple deeper breaths in the middle of each sentence, so try to use that as a guide while in talking between circuits.

Bring Your Cardio Up a Notch

Chances are, in between machines or strength exercises, you either walk or march in place. Pump up your cardio by jogging in place or by doing squats, stationary lunges, jumping jacks, or high knees for around 30 seconds. These exercises are more intense and require lots more energy for increased cardio.

Faster Lifting

If you’re on a Curve’s hydraulic machine, you might find that by speeding up your reps, you’ll increase more resistance and a recruit more muscle fiber for quicker toning. For each 30 second circuit, count the reps, then at your next workout try to beat that number.

Cross Training

Research has shown that by adding new types of exercises, you can rev up your metabolism which results in plateau busting. On non- Curve days, try using a fitness DVD, riding a bike, or you might consider adding fast interval walking.

New types of exercises

Tracking Progress

If you want instant feedback, try a heart rate monitor or maybe a CurvesSmart. The CurvesSmart is a computerized program that many club locations have. This program adjusts your machine’s resistance based on your individual heart rate, endurance level, and your personal range of motion.

Changing my own personal work out program has indeed helped me gain a bit of ground on calorie burning as well as work other areas of my body that weren’t previously getting worked as intensely. I think you’ll find these suggestions do the trick in stepping up your work-out game to give you a better edge on weight loss.