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Arrest Nation is a journalism, media, and blogging website where the arrests, legal citations, and charges against people in the sports world are recorded in one convenient location for the purpose of educating the public about those in sports who fail to exercise ethical, legal, and pro-social behavior. Commentaries, research, and other information on sport can also be found on the site and we believe such information to be important given the large role athletics, celebrity athletes, and professional sports plays in the life of our Country.

Arrest Nation is part of Winning Integrity, a Virginia corporation, that offers an ethics and integrity training program within a college curriculum. Arrest Nation’s content serves to highlight the need for pro-active ethics, behavioral, and life-skills training for athletes and demonstrates what occurs when they are not provided.


Winning Integrity, Arrest Nation, and Word Press may sell or post paid advertising or sponsorships on the Arrest Nation website. We endeavor to make reasonable efforts to identify such advertising and sponsorships as such.

Where Winning Integrity or Arrest Nation promotes a product, cause, event, organization, or blog that it is aware is part of an advertisement or sponsorship, we will identify any such promotion or post as such and provide information about the nature of the arrangement or sponsorship.

Opinions, position, reviews, and statements

All opinions, views, positions, or statements of a writer, contributor, or other provider of content posted on Arrest Nation do not reflect an opinion of or endorsement by Arrest Nation or its management or sponsors. All material, opinions, writing, views, or other content contained or linked to the Arrest Nation website is offered “AS IS”, and such content should not be solely relied on as the basis to take or refrain from taking any such action.


Arrest Nation relies on what it believes are reputable sources of information regarding the arrest of athletes. Generally, prior to Arrest Nation posting information about an arrest on its site, other media that Arrest Nation has determined are reputable news sites or information providers will have already reported the event. Because we believe that the arrest of an athlete is a news-worthy event from which other athletes and the general public can benefit and learn from, we post such information and will not remove it simply because further legal action is not taken.

Police, prosecutors, and the legal system make decisions or allow for actions not to prosecute or proceed further with a case for many reasons, most of which are never shared publicly, however, they do not raise questions about the fact an arrest was made. Indeed, even when an athlete is found not guilty or a declaration of innocence is made by the government, the fact of the arrest may be instructive, demonstrating the risks of engaging in certain activities or behaviors and providing a teachable moment. Therefore, Arrest Nation, in addition to its media and journalistic operations, functions as an archive that can be used for research, education, and writing, and preserves its media and news records as a necessary business activity.

Arrest Nation will not post material it knows to be false.

Arrest Nation will remove information that is false from its site with notice from a party with actual knowledge of falsity or that has provided reliable information to Arrest Nation.

Arrest Nation does not assume responsibility for any material, blog, act, action, or activity posted, authored, or provided by a contributor, sponsor, or other entity except those specifically identified by Arrest Nation. Likewise, Arrest Nation does not assume any responsibility for material maintained by a third party to which Arrest Nation provides a link. Such a link is provided merely as a means for Arrest Nation’s user base to identify sources of information that Arrest Nation is relying on or to learn more about a particular post, report, or commentary.

Arrest Nation takes reasonable steps to protect the identities of individuals who are innocent victims of crime, but retains the right to publish any and all information in its possession or to which it gains access that is necessary to provide, what it, in its sole discretion, deems to be, a fair and balanced report.

Reader Comments

Arrest Nation invites its users to participate by commenting and providing information to the site. We believe that every person has value regardless of whether a person has been arrested, is alleged to be a victim or perpetrator, or merely provides a comment on the site. Thus, Arrest Nation retains the right to remove information, posts, or contributions that are not respectful, engaging, or informational. The fact that Arrest Nation has failed to remove such material, however, should not be taken as a statement that Arrest Nation supports or agrees with the position taken or statement made.

Generally, we do not moderate our site in real-time. Where we find material that has been added to the site in violation of what Arrest Nation, in its sole discretion, believes violates our standards, we reserve the right to remove such posts, material, or information.

Contributed content

Arrest Nation invites experts, nationally recognized athletes, coaches, sports executives, and scholars to provide essays, reports, and commentaries on topics of interest to its users or reported on by Arrest Nation. Accepting such information or providing a link to such a site, blog, or other source, whether or not commercial in nature, should not be construed to mean that Arrest Nation agrees with or supports such information, merely that such information may be of interest to its users or contributes to an informed discussion of issues related to ethics and proper behavior in sports or by athletes. Third parties remain responsible for notifying Arrest Nation if information that they have provided or posted to the site is discovered to be false.

All information contributed by third parties must include contact information that permits Arrest Nation, should it choose to do so, to contact the contributor by both telephone and email. Arrest Nation retains the right to disregard or remove content posted where it has no way to determine and contact the person referring the material at issue.

Arrest Nation does not share any personally identifiable information with outside interests. We retain the right to contact users directly, however, to assist us in developing the site, providing a better user experience, protect our resources and assets, or comply with legal process.

All policies, procedures, and work processes relating to Arrest Nation are determined by Winning Integrity, Inc., which reserves the right to make any changes it deems necessary in the exercise of its sole discretion. Should such changes take place, Arrest Nation will work to advise its user community of such changes at the appropriate time.