HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) on Stool for Serious Fat Burning

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Here are fat-burning stool routines, HIIT style (high intensity interval training). Warning: These HIIT stool routines are not for the poorly conditioned or for people with “bad” knees. If you want to melt puddles of fat and at the same time, enjoy strenuos exercise, you’ll love these high intensity interval training stool workouts.

I’m a certified personal trainer, and I have only my fittest clients doing these HIIT stool workouts. The height of the apparatus can vary, and you can also use a standard weightlifting bench. However, I prefer stools because this is what stools are for, versus trying to get an available bench when someone wants to use it for weightlifting. Stools are also more stable.

In general there are three standard heights of plyometric (jumping) apparatus. The following HIIT routines are to be done on the lowest stool, which is between one and one and a half feet high.

Hold a 45 pound plate or dumbbell in each hand. The metal plates are a hassle to hold onto sustained, due to their design, but the rubber-covered plates have “openings” where you can more easily grip.

HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) on Stool

Step up and down on the apparatus 10 times, as fast as possible, with the right leg while holding the weights. As fast as possible. After 10 times, switch legs with no rest in between the switch, and repeat – as fast as possible. Plus, each time you step up, straighten leg all the way; don’t just get the foot up there and then quickly come down; actually extend the knee so that you have a straight leg, foot fully on the stool, before coming down.

Do this as quickly as possible for high intensity interval training, 20 step-ups total, holding 45 pound weights, and you will be heaving at the end.

Next HIIT stool routine: Do the same thing as previously described except alternate legs. Step as quickly as possible. Try not to hesitate, especially when both feet are on the floor. Move rapidly!

Next HIIT stool routine: Holding 35 pound plates or dumbbells, do the “lunge step.” This is the technique used in step aerobics classes. Ask a step aerobics instructor to demonstrate if the following description is not clear:

A lunge step begins with both feet on the stool. Keeping left foot atop apparatus, lower right foot to floor and just tap ball of foot to floor while keeping left foot on stool. Immediately after right foot touches floor, bring right foot back onto stool and immediately bring left ball of foot down to tap floor, then quickly bring it back atop apparatus.

Do this rapidly enough so that there is no pausing in between touch-downs. If the lunge step is done fast enough, it lookes like scissors or switch jumping when the legs are alternated. Do this while holding the 35 pounders. Warning: Done rapidly requires athletic ability; many people will be prone to stumbling. Make sure feet always land squarely on stool rather than on its edge.

A lunge step begins with both feet on the stool

Do 10-14 lunge steps each leg, and at the end you should be out of breath.

Final HIIT stool workout is without weights. Straddle the apparatus, then with both feet at same time, jump up on it (from straddle position), but then immediately return to start position (straddling stool). Do this as fast as possible: From straddle position, jump atop, jump off, jump atop, jump off, back and forth very rapidely for 30 seconds.

So here are three HIIT routines with a stool, but do any combination or order of them for a total of eight cycles, with a few minutes of passive rest in between, and your body will burn fat like crazy.