Is Male Extra Safe To Use?

male extra
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Sexual male enhancement has become a booming industry in recent years. Due to this, different products have mushroomed with mostly unregulated ‘natural products’. The FDA has released a report indicating that some of these natural enhancement supplements are not tested, aren’t natural and might be dangerous to the user.

Fortunately, Male Extra was not listed under the harmful natural products by the FDA. It is a safe male enhancement product that works to increase blood flow in cells in the penis. See more about it in this Male Extra review.

Let’s see how safe it is.

Male Extra safety

Clinically proven

Male Extra components have been clinically tested for their effectiveness. More so, they are natural with no synthetics added or proprietary blends.

The manufacturer has listed the clinical trials that involve most of the ingredients used. Therefore, it is right to say that Male Extra is backed by science and safe to use.


FDA released a list of harmful natural male enhancement supplements believed to be detrimental to the user: Male Extra is not one of them.

Therefore, it is manufactured under safe, toxin-free, and high-quality measures.

Also, it uses safe dosages of each ingredient, which are well tolerated by most users.

The capsules are thoroughly tested to check for harmful additives, impurities and other unsafe components.

Bought directly from the manufacturer

Purchasing a supplement from the official website guarantees that it is safe, original and genuine.

Male Extra is only available on the official website; thus, it is safe for use. It should not be bought from third-party retailers due to the risk of getting a counterfeit or a low-quality supplement.

Little to no side effects

Most users tolerate Male Extra. Thus, it is a safe supplement for boosting better and healthy erections.

Some users may experience some side effects due to high levels of nitric oxide, alteration with some medication, overdosing or allergic reactions to some ingredients.

However, side effects are rare.

Money back guarantee

The manufacturer offers a 60-day money back guarantee on Male Extra.

Hence, it is not a scam but a high-quality supplement.

Ways to Increase Male Extra Safety

male extra review

Here are some ways that you can ensure that Male Extra is safe for use.

  • Take the right dosage

Male Extra is only safe when taken as directed. Overdosing or mega dosing could compromise the safety of the supplement and cause adverse side effects to the user.

Take Male Extra at the same time each day, consistently for atleast3-6 months.

  • Speak with your physician if taking other drugs

Male Extra may alter how some medicines work risking your health. Thus, the manufacturer advises that you should consult your doctor before taking it if you are taking other medication.

However, avoid these supplements if you are using blood thinners, circulation drugs or any cardiovascular-related drugs.

  • Stop use if you experience side effects

If you feel ill or experience side effects after using Male Extra, discontinue use immediately to avoid risking your health.

Bottom Line

Male Extra is safe to use.

It is manufactured under high-quality standards to ensure purity and safety of the product.

There is a clear nutritional factsheet on the ingredients used and the dosages for each. Thus users can evaluate what the product contains.